Signing Authorities

ATTENTION:  Effective April 1, 2021, applicants who have been outside of Canada and the USA in the last five (5) years are required to provide additional supporting out of country (OOC) documentation, for their time outside of Canada and the U.S., when applying for a Transportation Security Clearance (TSC).


Designated Signing Authority

The Designated Signing Authority (SA) for an employer is a person who has been authorised to sponsor an applicant on behalf of the employer when the applicant is applying for a Transportation Security Clearance (TSC) / Restricted Area Identification Card (RAIC).

The SA has an important role to ensure that the applicant is fully prepared for an appointment with the Pass Control Office (PCO).

For reference, when the applicant enters the TBIAAI Pass Control Application website, the first document they are asked to download and follow is this:

  The RAIC Application Requirement Checklist (Sept. 2020)



TBIAAI also provides a couple of tools to assist the Signing Authority with their responsibilities:

The "Cheat Sheet"

This example application highlights the most frequent areas of concern within the TSC application which often lead to the need for additional follow-up appointments for amendments. Amendments add several weeks of time to the processing of an application.

  Signing Authorities may download the Cheat Sheet here.



The Signing Authority Checklist

This form must be fully filled out  BY THE SIGNING AUTHORITY  and accompany the applicant's package when they come for their PCO appointment. This form works in conjunction with the "Cheat Sheet" as it will prompt you to review the problematic sections of the application. It will also demonstrate to Thunder Bay International Airports Authority Inc. (TBIAAI) that the SA is properly reviewing the application package and ensuring the applicant fully understands their obligations.

If an SA consistently shows that the required processes are not being followed, TBIAAI reserves the right to issues fees to the company or revoke the SA role from that person.

  Signing Authoirties may download the Signing Authority Checklist here.



Responsibility to Return Temp/RAIC Pass

Signing Authorities will not authorize a request for the issuance of RAICs, key cards or keys if an individual does not have a consistent "need and right" for entry into an Airport Restricted Area. Furthermore, Signing Authorities, the employer and Pass Holders are held accountable to the TBIAAI for the return of RAICs, key cards and keys when no longer required for job duties and functions. These items are the property of TBIAAI, not the card holder.

The Canadian Aviation Security Regulations, 2012 (CASRs) clearly supports TBIAAI's requirement for a RAIC holder to surrender the RAIC to TBIAAI if there is no longer a need and right for that person to have access to the Airport Restricted Areas. As such, these items must be returned upon request, or within 48 hours following termination of employment, layoff, transfer or any circumstance in which the individual's "need and right" to access the Airport Restricted Areas is no longer required.




As of September 2020, TBIAAI's PCO will charge fees (which include applicable taxes) for the following:

Lost / Stolen / Failure to Return RAIC or Temporary Pass ($100)
Failure to appear for a scheduled Pass Control Office appointment ($50)
Attending a Pass Control Office appointment, missing proper ID ($50)
Attending a Pass Control Office appointment, incomplete application ($50)
Attending a Pass Control Office appointment, handwritten TC TSC Application ($50)

For simplicity and consistency, TBIAAI will issue the fee to the employer. Each company will have its own procedures to handle these fees. TBIAAI has noted that often an employer will have the employee ultimately pay for the fee. Failure to pay for the fee may result in the PCO withholding the issuance of a pass.

Please note: TBIAAI's office is closed to the public. Various payment methods are available. Please call 807-473-2610 for further details.