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Applying for a Transportation Security Clearance to Obtain a RAIC

A Restricted Area Identification Card (RAIC) is required for access to secure areas of the airport.

It is important to understand that a RAIC has an expiry date. This date appears on the front of the card.

  • The Pass Control Office will not reach out to a card holder to inform them that the pass is expiring.
  • It is very important that the RAIC-holder does not let the RAIC expire.
    • Please begin the renewal process SIX (6) months in advance of the RAIC expiry date.
    • The documentation required for a renewal application is EXACTLY the same as stated in the steps below, with one exception: there is no requirement for a Criminal Background Check.

To obtain a RAIC, one must first obtain a Transportation Security Clearance from Transport Canada.

As a part of the process, an applicant must be sponsored by a Designated Signing Authority (SA) for their Employer. The SA must review the entire application package that will be brought to the Pass Control Office (PCO). Once the applicant and the SA have reviewed and ensured the package is complete, the SA will sign three of these documents.

Wherever this icon is shown in each step  you are required to bring these completed documents with you to the appointment. 

In an effort to assist those who need to obtain/renew a RAIC, with the understanding that they have both the need and right to enter the Airport's Restricted Areas through their course of employment, the following process should be followed:


STEP 1 of 8: Application Requirements

Download and use the following document to guide you through the process:

Print RAIC Application Requirement Checklist RAIC Application Requirement Checklist (Sept. 2020)

All of the forms and links to the necessary websites for the items are within this checklist, as well as other important details, are provided below.

Check off each item as your work through the process.


STEP 2 of 8: Criminal Background Check for New Applicants

This applies to New RAIC / Temporary Pass Applicants Only

Bring a criminal background check (CBC) that has been completed within the last 6 months.

  • You are required to bring in the actual results of the background check


STEP 3 of 8: Required Personal Documentation

The applicant must provide Original Identification Documents (photocopies are not acceptable)

  • Born in Canada? The applicant will require the following two (2) items:
    1. Canadian Birth Certificate
      • For applicants born in Quebec - only birth certificates issued after January 1994 are accepted

    2. Original Valid Passport
  • Born outside of Canada? The applicant will require the following items:
    1. The most appropriate of the following documents:
      • Canadian Citizenship Certificate/Card; or
      • Permanent Resident Card; or
      • Work Permit and/or Study Permit

    2. Original Valid Passport
      • If not valid, provide a valid government-issued photo-bearing ID card or document (eg. Driver's License)


STEP 4 of 8: TBIAAI Application for Restricted Area Pass

Download and Print the following document

Print Thunder Bay Airport Application for Airport Restricted Area PassThunder Bay Airport Application for Airport Restricted Area Pass (Sept 2020)

  • Applicant fills out the top section.
  • Employer's Designated Signing Authority fills the middle section.
  • Bring this document to the Pass Control Office for your appointment.


STEP 5 of 8: Requirement to Understand Rules and Regulations

Download and Print the following document

Print Restricted Area Identity Cards & Control of Access to Restricted AreaRestricted Area Identity Cards & Control of Access to Restricted Area

  • Applicant is to review the entire contents of the document.
  • If applicant fails to understand each item, the applicant is to ask their Employer's Designated Signing Authority for assistance.
  • Applicant is to sign to confirm that this information is understood.


STEP 6 of 8: Application for Transportation Security Clearance

The Transport Canada Application for Transportation Security Clearance is filled out through an Internet Browser.

 UPON COMPLETION, this application MUST BE PRINTED by the applicant.

  • The applicant will fill out the application form online.
  • The application will be sent to Transport Canada to begin preliminary work on the file.
  • The PCO does NOT get any notification of the application having been submitted.
  • Handwritten versions of the Transport Canada form are not accepted.
    • Only applications which have been completed, submitted electronically, and subsequently printed from Transport Canada's website link be accepted.
    • PCO appointments will be rescheduled and a $50 fee will be issued if a handwritten version is presented.


Clicking on the following link will open up a new browser window that will allow you to begin this process.

Please read the instructions carefully.

Transport Canada Application for Transportation Security Clearance

If the above link doesn't take you to the "Apply for a transportation security clearance" website, please try the following link instead.  

TSC Fillable Form

* If an applicant has been outside of Canada or the USA for more than 90 days within the last 5 years, there are some important details that need to be considered.  Transport Canada is providing guidance via this webpage:

Guideline for transportation security clearance (TSC) applications with extended out-of-country (OOC) implications


STEP 7 of 8: Meet with Employer's Designated Signing Authority

Download and Print the following document

Print Signing Authority ChecklistSigning Authority Checklist (Sept 2020)

  • The applicant must bring this form to their Employer's SA.
  • The applicant must also bring each of the items outlined in the previous steps to the SA.
  • The checklist is then used by both the SA and the applicant during the application package review process prior to an appointment with the Pass Control Office.
  • Each item must be carefully reviewed to ensure an accurate application is presented.
  • Documents not adequately reviewed and signed by an SA will result in a fee of $50.


STEP 8 of 8: Schedule an Appointment with the PCO

The PCO Appointment is required for the following reasons:

  • To review and submit the application package.
  • To attempt to resolve any errors found within the package.
  • To obtain biometric data (photographs, fingerprint and iris scans).
    • This is required for submission along with the signed Transport Canada Application for Transportation Security Clearance.
    • This is required for the preparation process for the production of the RAIC.
  • To obtain, if applicable, a Temporary Pass for access when accompanied by a RAIC-holding escort.

The Applicant must contact the PCO to schedule an appointment.

  • Contact the TBIAAI Pass Control Office
    • Click here to E-mail the Pass Control Office
    • The telephone number for the Pass Control Office is: 807-473-2628
  • Inform the Employer's Designated Signing Authority of the appointment date/time.
    • This will help the Employer avoid other scheduling conflicts.

  • The Applicant must contact the PCO if the appointment must be cancelled.
    • Failure to show up for an appointment will result in a fee of $50



Lost Passes

If your Temporary or RAIC Pass has become lost OR stolen, you must immediately advise the Pass Control Office by calling 807-473-2628 or by email. Please provide your name and contact information.

There is a $100 fee for any lost pass.

Designated Signing Authority

The Designated Signing Authority (SA) for an employer is a person who has been authorised to sponsor an applicant on behalf of the employer when the applicant is applying for a TSC/RAIC. The SA has an important role to ensure that you are fully prepared for an appointment with the Pass Control Office. Some of the forms that you are submitting to the Pass Control Office must be reviewed and signed by an SA for your employer.

Failure to appear with the documents reviewed and signed by an SA will result in a fee of $50.