Sleeping Giant Enterprises, a division of Thunder Bay Airport Services Incorporated (TBASI), is the Canadian distributor for Boschung AG. The Boschung line of high quality, advanced technology equipment is rapidly generating a loyal following in Canada. With units in Toronto, Fort McMurray, Moncton, St. John's and Thunder Bay, Boschung is saving customers money while improving services. The Boschung line of surface maintenance equipment has been a prominent name in Europe for over 40 years.

"In February 2004, airport operators from Ontario and across Canada gathered at Thunder Bay Airport for the North American debut of the new JetBroom Runway by Boschung. Participants were not disappointed as they witnessed a truly phenomenal demonstration of airfield surface maintenance efficiency. Mild temperatures and lots of snow made for perfect conditions for the event and the JetBroom Runway's snow clearing capabilities were put to a real test."


  • SGE Licensed Technicians provide exceptional after-sale support.
  • SGE stocks a large inventory of spare and wear parts.


  • All SGE products come with a one year manufacturer warranty.


The following information contains several links to Boschung's website as it provides a very informative multimedia experience. Please feel free to also download our brochure that outlines a wide variety of products.


  • 22' to 28' plows
  • up to 1000 hp
  • 14' to 19' brooms
  • blowers ahead and behind the broom
  • vacuuming capability
  • gylcol recovery
  • wet/dry spreading
  • rubber removal

Jetbroom Airport

  • The optimal solution for the ever-increasing demands of airport surface maintenance.
  • More than 800 HP including Twin Turbine Blowers, Snow Clearing Plow with options for De-icing, Vacuum Sweeping, Liquid Recovery and Rubber Residue Removal.
  • Independent steering of the plow and the broom are accomplished with a Vpad.

Jetbroom Highway

  • A slightly smaller version of the JetBroom Airport allows for highway surface clearing, cleaning and sweeping within road widths.
  • This is a multifunctional high performance maintenence system for roads and highways both in winter (snow plowing, brush, blowing and de-icing system) and summer (sweeping/suction machine).

Jetbroom Highway

Blowers - Snow Booster

  • Automatic 4 wheel steering, 304 hp with joy-stick operated cutter aggregate. Speeds up to 45 km/h.
  • Aggregate tilts on incline (8 degrees), left/right with 40.5 cm ground clearance and rotating chimney.
  • Ergonomic workplace with rear access to the two person cabin and CLS-Cockpit Lifting system that changes center of gravity for constant viewing angle of the aggregate.
  • The booster provides comfort, power, speed and easy servicing.


  • Boschung's Intelligent Mobile Spreading system is designed to be the ideal spreader. Available in multiple drive formats, hopper lengths and capacities. The IMS and IMS-B are equipped with the OPTIWET distributors.
  • The IMS series has independent belt feeding system, maintenance free bearings and rollers, no grease points, selection of hopper capacities.
  • The IMS will create ideal distribution of agents at a variety of speeds and weather conditions.
  • OptiWet allows for perfect spreading patterns through a completely automated system.

Multi-Purpose Pony

  • Boschung has developed the Pony multi-purpose vehicle for airports. Equipped with a rear liquid spreader and a front broom or alternately a snow plow, it can fulfill a variety of functions airside and in terminal areas.
  • Simultanious snow clearing and spreading with a high-performance and flexible vehicle is a guarantee of safe and clean airport operational surfaces in the winter season.

De-icing Technology

  • Both of the following de-icers may optionally be equipped with:
    • S95 Control Panel
    • Thermo MAT
    • GPS
    • Borrma-Web

Multi De-icer

  • Capacity of solid and liquid thawing media adaptable to customer preference
  • Driven by auxiliary engine or vehicle hydraulic unit
  • Fixed or interchangeable mounting systems
  • Fitted with 1, 2 or 3 spinner discs
  • Working width 3 - 24 m.

Liquid De-icer

  • Capacity of thawing fluids up to 30,000 litres
  • Driven by auxiliary engine or vehicle hydraulic unit
  • Fixed or interchangeable mounting systems
  • Fitted with 1, 2, 3 or 5 spinner discs
  • Working width of 3 to 38 m
  • Mulitple unit sizes from 2, 9, 16 and 30 thousand litres.

Advanced Technology


  • The VPAD controls most functions of JetBroom and Spreader Activities.
  • Ergonomically designed with hand rests, voice input and output, rear camera assist, touch screen functions and illuminated keys to allow intuitive control without breaking eye contact with the road.
  • Several options and versions available such as second displays, dual joysticks, GPS and touchscreen.

Early Ice Warning Systems

(Passive Freezing point Detection - PFD)

The PFD model is the entry level version, which does not make use of Boschung technology, however, it provides a complete set of reliable information about pavement status including:

  • Pavement Temp.
  • Pavement Status (dry, moist, humid)
  • Water thickness
  • Freezing Point temp.
  • Salt factor
  • Calculated forecast alarms
  • Ice type discrimination

Communication options:

  • Commuted or leased phone line
  • GSM
  • Radio
  • RS485
  • TCP/IP

*Optional Boschung equipment can be added.

  • Wind speed and direction
  • Visibility
  • Precipitation type/intensity
  • Air temp
  • Global Solar radiation
  • Snow depth
  • Others

Micro-fast Stationary In-Pavement De-icers

Micro-Fast is a flush mounted anti-ice spray system monitiored can controlled by a pump station supplied in 100 m lengths.

  • Control unit monitors the entire system including pump and flow meter, de-icer tank, pressure monitor and spray profiles.
  • Spray times are adjustable between 30 seconds and 3 minutes
  • Only one solenoid valve every 100 m.
  • Adjustable spray profiles for runways, two lane roads, three lane motorways and light traffic runways.


ThermoMat is a vehicle mounted road condition device which assists with determining spreading density.

  • 5 stage spreading selection based on continuous road temperature measurements.
  • Results transmitted to VPad system. Density calculations are calculated and regulated by the ThermoMat system automatically.
  • Results in up to 30% reduction of thawing agent.
  • More ecological due to optimized levels of agent.
  • Fewer decisions made by personnel so they can concentrate on the traffic situation.

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