The Thunder Bay Airport Pass Control Office provides services for the following:

  • Temporary Passes
  • Restricted Area Identification Cards
  • Visitor and Contractor Passes

You can book your appointment by calling the Pass Control Office at 1 (807) 473-2628 or by email.

The RAIC Program

The RAIC (Restricted Area Intendity Card) program is the world's first dual biometric airport identification program for non-passengers accessing restricted areas of the airport. The identity cards include a built-in computer chip with a microprocessor and memory to store biometric data of fingerprint and iris templates. The RAIC program includes the cards, fingerprint and iris readers installed in airport terminals and a network infrastructure linking airports to a secure central database. The RAIC program has been fully operational since January 31, 2007 and covers Canada's 28 major airports.

Visit Transport Canada for further information on completing applications for Transport Security clearance.